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Speech about the environment · 08.06.2017

So wie die zwölfjährige Severn Suzuki 1992 vor dem UN Gipfeltreffen „Earth Summit“ in Rio de Janeiro auf die Notwendigkeit aufmerksam machte, für eine dauerhaft nachhaltige Umweltentwicklung zu sorgen, so könnte Alina N. auf der UN-Klimakonferenz 2017 im November in Bonn zum Thema „Rettet die Regenwälder“ sprechen.
Lesen Sie Ihre Rede “Speech about the Environment”, die sie für den
Englisch-Unterricht im Leistungskurs (MSS 12) vorbereitete:

Ladies and gentlemen,
I am honored to be able to stand in front of you today to talk about why deforestation is an issue that should – no, that does concern every single one of us.
Did you know that every year 4,000 to 6,000 animal species in rainforests go extinct? That is 11 to 16 species everyday!
That’s why I am here today. To help all of us realize the importance of the mater and also to propose ways of improving our current situation.
If we keep going about things the way we always have we might as well throw our future down the drain.
We keep buying and buying.
We keep wasting and wasting.
I am guilty of such reckless behavior and I’m sure a lot of you are too. That does not immediately make us bad people but we must prevent ignorance! The whole problem starts in our mind. If we are aware of environmental issues but simply decide not to care than we are no better than the people actively and intentionally destroying rain forests for their own personal gain.
But what can we do to raise awareness?
It’s as simple as recycling our waste and old wood. Upcycling for example, the process of creating new, vintage-looking furniture out of old furniture, has become a trend lately which gives the opportunity to do something good for the environment and decorate your home.
Another simple way of reducing the problems arising with deforestation is planting trees in your garden or local park.
About the size of the country of Panama is lost each year because of deforestation and although planting a few trees might not seem much it raises awareness on top of benefitting the environment. And if a small town’s population of 3,000 people plant a tree each, the action doesn’t seem so small anymore, does it?
To further raise awareness and also educate our children, the generation that builds our future and also the generation that has to pay for our misbehavior, experts should visit schools and talk about the issue, answer the students’ questions and show ways of improvement.
But we should not only educate the young. By placing TV ads about the negative impacts of deforestation we educate the adults as well.
Those are just a few suggestions and there are plenty more. So believe me when I say that we as individuals can make a huge difference through small actions. But we have to do something to save our forests, our planet and eventually our future and the future of our children.
Thank you for your attention.



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