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Reif für die Insel · 30.04.2016

Fahrt der 9. Klassenstufe des Gymnasiums nach England und Wales 11.-16.3. 2016

55 Schülerinnen waren mit 4 begleitenden Lehrkräften in Colwyn Bay und besuchten auf ihrer Fahrt Brügge, Chester, Bodelwyddan Castle, Betws-y-Coed, Manchester und York.

Ihre Eindrücke sind folgende:

In Wales there are so many beautiful villages but nobody can say the names correctly because it´s Welsh. (Lili)

Dinner and breakfast on the ferry were so delicious and tasty. (AnnalLena)

Our host families were so kind. (Franzi F.)

Taking photos at the beach in Colwyn Bay was great and is a really nice memory. (Sonja L.)

Driving around on the left side was strange. (Leoni)

The houses are so tiny. (Michelle)

We had really nice weather almost all the time. (Nina)

It was great to talk to other people in English. (Laura P.)

York is such a nice old city. (Lara)

We visited many museums and learned something about the English culture. (Saveria)

We have `friends´ in Wales, now. (Charlotte)

The chocolate museum in York was really interesting (and tasty). (Iris)

We learned how the servants were treated in the past. The people were really strict with them. (Anna)

You can truly remark that Wales is famous for its fine beaches, tumbling rivers, the mountains, lakes, waterfalls in Snowdonia and of course for the magnificent castles, railways and festivals which means it´s a beautiful landscape with many attractions. (Sarah H.)

It´s great that our classes grew together like it is one big class. (Celina Lucienne)

York is a very nice city with many beautiful houses and little streets. We were in Castle museum which is just amazing. (Emma H.)

On our trip with the coach we saw many beautiful landscapes, especially fields with lots of sheep and mountains. (Amelie)

In the chocolate museum we made chocolate lollipops on our own. (Maria K.)

On our last day we visited York. It´s a beautiful city with small sweet shops. (Maja)

On Monday we visited Manchester. Some of us visited the National Football Museum and the others the Museum of Science and Industry. (Vanessa)

A town is just a city when it has a cathedral. (Helena)

While most of us were at the “Chocolate Museum”, a few girls went to the “Castle Museum” in York to learn something about World War I. and the British prisons at that time. (Valerie)

The money in England is very confusing because one pound is smaller than two pence. (Hanna)

The best thing in the “Castle Museum” in York was a big model of an old street with small shops and a horse carriage. (Alexandra)

It was another example how underrated females were in the old times. (Laura T.)

First it was very weird/strange to speak English but then it became easier. (Guilia)

The host families were very nice. (Katharina)

I think we all met special people in Wales and we all had a lot of special moments. (Annika P.)

There was a wonderful waterfall and there were beautiful lakes. (Selina)

I was confused with the money because it is very different to the Euro. (Corinna)



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