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Die Fahrt nach Großbritannien · 19.05.2015

Ende März waren die 9c und 9d auf der britischen Insel unterwegs. Die Reise führte über Delft, Colwyn Bay Chester, Conwy Castle, Llechwedd Slate Caverns, Manchester Museum Of Science and Industry (MOSI), Old Trafford
York. Hier ein paar Eindrücke.

Jessica Blatt:
It has surprised me that the visit in the museum was so interesting and that everybody likes it.

Linn Dahlem:
It surprised me how different the houses are and how well I understood the people. It was also really difficult to get stamps and I ´ve never expected that. I also never thought that I would see so many meadows with sheep. But the strangest thing was to drive on the left side and not on the right.

Paula Lanze:
I was surprised about the weather because it was sunny and not cloudy or rainy. Every place we visited I liked so much. The castle was interesting and beautiful. In my opinion the cities were beautiful, too and I had so much fun. I would visit Great Britain again.

Christina Wald:
I was surprised about the open mindedness and the friendliness of the English people because a lot of English people asked us where we came from and they showed us on our map places where we should go. The free shuttle in Manchester.

Emily Baldus:
I learned to speak with unknown people e.g. the host parents or people on the street and I learned it´s sometimes better not to worry about your mistakes because there are many things I did on my own without thinking about it. I learned to manage an unknown currency : at the beginning it was difficult but at the end it was easier.

Maja Christmann:
I have learned to speak with unknown persons in a friendly way. I got to know a new culture with different traditions. Moreover, it´s easy to say that I learned to describe a word if I don´t know how to say it in another way.

Hannah Seifert:
Don´t worry about mistakes; just speak. In shops or on the street you have to speak with British people and you can´t think about every word. A thing I´ve learned, too, is that British people are really nice and accessible.

Pheline Sollbach:
I really want to visit Great Britain again because I loved all tours we made. I liked all little cafés and shops because they are really tiny and comfortable. The castles and nature are so beautiful and I love the language. I´d like to discover London and I want to come back to Wales with family and friends. So maybe I will come back to Great Britain next year.



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