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Dub Poetry · 01.02.2015

Dub Poetry kommt aus der Karibik aus den 1970er Jahren. In dieser Musikrichtung liegt der Schwerpunkt auf dem gesprochenen Wort, das – oft im Reggae Rhythmus – präsentiert wird.
In der Klasse 10c wurde es ausprobiert.

About my soul…

I don’t know how to start,
telling you of me a little part,
I could talk about riskiness or experiences,
about travels or materials.

But it’s not what I’d like to talk about,
I’d like to talk about my heart crying loud.
My heart which always works,
but which sometimes stops -
it jumps high or it drops.

It’s emotional and sometimes nervous,
it makes me crazy working with such firmness.
I just want to control it,
my heart is racing, I must admit.

My heart is telling you what I am about,
what I am feeling and trying out.
My heart is controlling my head,
my heart is living and not misled.

Nadine D., 10c


Music was made for you and for me
sometimes I ask myself what life without it would be.
‘Cause music is life, laugh and love.
If I’m sad I just listen to songs by Adale
“To Make You Feel My Love” or “Someone Like You” for example.
If you’re happy there are many songs you can listen to:
“I love it” or maybe “Marry you”.
Jingle Bells is a wonderful Christmas song
many people love to sing it their whole life long.
You can see the greatest artist doesn´t do this for fame
they understood that without music
life wouldn´t be the same.

Ricarda W., 10c



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