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When I saw Nessie for the first time ... · 31.05.2013

Ein Projekt der Klasse 6d zum Thema „Scotland“ in Zusammenarbeit mit Frau Kragt und Frau Niklas-Wirth

Sonja L.
When I saw Nessie for the first time, I didn’t tell my parents. I just went to see Nessie again on the next day and spoke and played with her. We got friends – the best friends forever. I didn’t tell my parents about Nessie because then they knew about her and I couldn’t meet her any longer.
Two weeks later other people saw us together and took a lot of photos. Suddenly all people came but not in a friendly way because they wanted to take Nessie to a zoo. Nessie swam down to the bottom of the loch and stayed there. I hit behind a tree and saw that people tried to swim to the bottom, too.
Suddenly I was so angry that I went to the people and said,” Hey, why do you want to catch Nessie? Here is her life, not in a zoo! All people listened to me and looked at my face. I went on speaking: If you take Nessie to a zoo, she will be very angry and will breathe fire and eat your kids! But if you leave her in the water she will be friendly and play with your kids.
All people were shocked but then they understood Nessie and forgot all the plans about the zoo and Nessie had a nice life again.

Anna-Lena B.
When I saw Nessie for the first time, I didn’t tell my parents. I was on holiday near Inverness. In the afternoon we went to a loch.
My parents had told me, ”Lisa, it’s beautiful there. There are many old and nice buildings and an interesting church.” But I had only thought, “Oh no, what a boring holiday!”
At 3:30pm my mom and dad sat in a café and ate cupcakes. “Mum, can I go outside and look for something interesting?” I asked. “Yes, of course! But stay near the café, please,” my mom answered. And so I went outside and crossed a green field with beautiful flowers. They were blue, green, red, yellow and pink! Suddenly I began to run and ran faster and faster. At the end of the field there was a big loch. I sat at the shore of the lake and watched very little waves. Suddenly the waves became bigger and bigger and then …. Oh my God …..horror..!!! A big, long, scary green, flaky and spotted, enormous something came out of the water. I was scared but stayed where I was. I thought it would eat me but it came in front of me. I said “Hello,” but it was quiet. “Hello, I’m Lisa and …..ehm …. what’s your name? Can you speak? Do you want to eat me?”
Then the monster sank its head and I touched it. It was very handsome. Finally, I named her “Nessie” because she was so beautiful like a girl with an I in her name and who lived in Inverness. A quarter later my mobile rang. “Hello, here’s Lisa. Who is there?” I said. Then my mother answered. “Hi, Lisa. We’re finished and are searching you. Where are you? Can you come to the café within five minutes?” “Yes, see you! Bye.” “Bye, Lisa.” I said “Goodbye” to Nessie and walked away. Mom and dad were waiting for me. “Was it nice outside?” they asked and I only answered “Yes”, however, I didn’t tell them about Nessie, my new friend.

Sarah G.
When I saw Nessie for the first time, I didn’t tell my parents. Nessie was green and had hair! When I saw her, I cried and ran around as I was so shocked. Nobody was near the loch and that was good so.
On the next day my parents and I went on a boat trip to see “Loch Ness”. Suddenly the boat was sinking and all people cried and shouted. I asked the captain for life-jackets and people got them. They felt safer now. My family and I swam to the shore as all other people did. Nobody died but the boat sank. We didn’t know why!
On the next day I went to the loch very early and saw Nessie again. I ran back to my parents to tell them but when we came back she was gone, back in the loch. That was terrible because my parents thought I was silly.
I always saw Nessie when I was on my own. But one day I went again with my parents and I saw that somebody was swimming in the loch. It was a man. I wanted to start crying, however, then we all saw Nessie and she swam to the man. The man was a great swimmer so that he could escape. We called the water police with our mobile and said what had happened. They told us not to worry any longer because Nessie was a robot and made for tourists. And the boat was maybe sinking because it hit a rock and was not hit by a monster!

Lea G.
When I saw Nessie for the first time, I didn’t tell my parents.
My friends and I made a trip to Loch Ness and laughed about the story which we had heard of before. A monster, in Loch Ness … ha,ha! His name was Nessie.We didn’t believe this story.
Then a very huge monster came out of the water. It looked like a big snake. We were scared! But then it said, ”Hello! I’m Nessie. I’m very sad. I don’t like to be a monster. I don’t have any friends. I’m so, so, so, so sad….”. My friends and I had an idea. We could be his friends! Nessie wasn’t a monster any longer but a great friend. We rode at it over the water. It was fun! Then I looked at my watch. It was six o’clock! We had to go home. But we wanted to come back!
Nessie was happy to have so many friends. And we were happy, too because …. Who has a monster friend? Only my friends and I.



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